Stop EU Rail Privatisation

Stop EU Rail Privatisation


Fourth Rail Package - Action for Rail online campaign

RMTv Video from October 9, 2013 Demonstration outside Europe House, Smith Sqaure, London.

Alternatively, watch the YouTube video here.

Stop the EU's Fourth Railway Package

The Fourth Railway Package is a new set of regulations coming out of the European Commission that aims to impose privatisation on domestic rail passenger services in every EU member state.

The proposals will make the competitive tendering of rail passenger services mandatory. And it will enforce the separation of train operation from infrastructure management, the split that has led to so much fragmentation, inefficiency and cost in the UK.

What's the problem?

Currently, on the whole, every EU state has the freedom to choose which way it wants to run its passenger rail services. These measures will remove that freedom, imposing a model of fragmentation and privatisation that has been an abject failure in the UK.

This will remove any chance of a future UK government establishing alternative ways of delivering our railways. It will make it impossible to run a successful and publicly owned railway such as we currently see on the East Coast Main Line.

Any political successes we make in promoting the case for public ownership on our railways will come undone by EU regulations.

The Fourth Railway Package must be stopped.

What can you do?

Email your MEP and let them know that you want them to oppose the Fourth Railway Package in the European Parliament.

The Labour Party recently voted against this package in Westminster. We want to see UK MEPs do the same in Brussels.

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