Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2021 - Babcock Rail

Our Ref: BR4/0001/BR

22 October 2021

To: All RMT Babcock Rail Members

Dear colleague


The referendum of you and your colleagues with regards to the company’s pay offer has concluded and the result is as follows:

Question: Do you accept the company’s offer?
Number of votes cast 82
Number voting YES 68
Number voting No 14

Your union’s National Executive Committee has noted this result and accordingly instructed me to notify the company of this union’s acceptance. For ease of reference and as a reminder the offer was as follows:

• The basic rates of pay for employees covered by Procedure Agreement 1 (General Collective Bargaining) will be increased by 1.7% effective from Monday 5th April 2021. This is a one-year deal offer and the next planned pay negotiation would be to review rates of pay to apply from April 2022.
• In reviewing the claim for a comprehensive review of skills and associated rewards, and following the work conducted by the Joint Working Party on this matter as jointly agreed previously, there is now an agreed skills matrix for going forward across the various grades (but noted within this is the RMT’s specific concerns about the Earthing Assistant role and assurances have been given on training and scope of responsibilities; this will be kept under review). Furthermore, the specific payments for Machine Controller and Crane Controller duties will be increased effective immediately as follows:

• The £25 Machine Controller / Crane Controller payment will be increased from £25 per shift to £35 per shift for all grades
• In addition, IA or IT grade personnel will receive a Higher-Grade Duty payment to SIT grade per shift
• The value of the increased skill payment and Higher-Grade Duty on current rates for IA and IT grades per shift for undertaking these duties versus the current common £25 payment is summarised in the box below:



Rostered Shift

Overtime Shift











I thank you for supporting the union’s position in this referendum and expect the pay rise to be implemented as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary