Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2023 – Caledonian MacBrayne

Our Ref: SH/0001/CALMAC

10th October 2023


Dear Colleagues 


Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2023 – Caledonian MacBrayne 


Referring to previous correspondence, the e-referendum has now concluded and the result is as follows:


Votes Cast     442                               

Voting YES     280                                 

Voting NO      162                                       


Noting the result, the National Executive Committee has instructed me to inform the company of our acceptance of the offer. This instruction has been carried out and I have requested that the increase and any back monies are paid at the earliest opportunity. For ease of reference the accepted offer is as follows: 




  • An increase of 5.7% for all employees
  • Employees on a full-time equivalent salary of £30,000 or less to receive an additional fully consolidated annual salary increase of £500 pro rata. This equates to an overall increase of at least 7.4% for employees in this category. 


Company Sick Pay Scheme


Maximum Company sick pay to be paid at five years of service instead of ten years for all

employees. The revised sick pay scale will be:


Length of Continuous Service

Company Sick Pay Entitlement (weeks)

Up to 6 months


6 months or more but less than 1 year

4 full, 4 half

1 year or more but less than 2 years

8 full, 8 half

2 years or more but less than 3 years

16 full, 16 half

3 years or more but less than 5 years

20 full, 20 half

5 years or more

26 full, 26 half


Daily Food Allowance


Small Ferry food allowance to be increased from £10.30 to £10.75 net of tax with a one-off payment of £50 to be paid.


Overtime for Ratings held back on changeover day


Overtime to be paid until midnight on the day of changeover.


Company Paternity Leave and Pay


Increase Company Paternity Leave from two weeks to four weeks full pay to be taken within the first twelve months following childbirth.


Yours sincerely

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Michael Lynch

General Secretary