Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2024 – Port of Dover Cargo Ltd

Our Ref: SH/0001/PODCL

10th April 2024


Dear Colleagues  


Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2024 – Port of Dover Cargo Ltd 


Referring to previous correspondence, the e-referendum has now concluded and the result is as follows:


Question: Are you prepared to accept the company’s offer?


Votes Cast     17                                                                                         

Voting ‘Yes’    11                                                                                                    

Voting ‘No’     6


Noting the result, the National Executive Committee has instructed me to inform the company of our acceptance of the offer. This instruction has been carried out and I have requested that the increase and any back monies are paid at the earliest opportunity. For ease of reference, the accepted pay offer is as follows: 



Current Hourly Rate

% Increase

2024 Hourly Rate

Overtime Rate 1.5 (on new 2024 hourly rate)

Tier 1





Tier 1 Quayside





Tier 2





Tier 3






In addition, employer’s pension contributions will be increased by 1%, if this is matched by the employee. This would change from 5% employee contribution and 3% employer contribution to a matched contribution of 6% employee contribution and 4% employer contribution. The company will also include suicide within its life assurance policies. The offer is effective from 1stJanuary 2024.


Yours sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary