Paddington racism resolution report


Paddington No.1 Branch submitted the following resolution to the National Executive Committee (16th March 2017):

    “This Paddington No.1 Branch notes the unacceptable treatment by Great Western Railway (GWR) of serious complaints brought by members of RMT Paddington No.1 Branch of systematic race discrimination by a Gateline Supervisor at Paddington station dating back to December 2014.

    This Paddington No.1 Branch further notes that our local RMT representative, Bro Ken Mutabaazi, has completed two stages of his employer’s three stage Grievance Procedure and registered an appeal against the outcome of his second stage Grievance hearing on 3 December 2016, received an acknowledgment of his appeal on 21 December 2016, but has to date received no further communication from GWR regarding his appeal.

    This Paddington No.1 Branch also notes that GWR has accepted as part of the Grievance process that a member of Supervisory staff racially abused and discriminated against GWR staff who are members of this union.  Further that GWR shockingly thought it appropriate to move the Supervisor they deemed to have racially abused members of staff at Paddington to work at another location (Ealing Broadway) without informing the complainants of the decision and without due consideration of the protection at work of our black and ethnic minority members employed at Ealing Broadway now and in the future.

    This Paddington No.1 Branch calls on the National Executive Committee to instruct the General Secretary to meet GWR to demand they protect our members from abuse and discrimination by removing the member of Supervisory staff in question from duty with immediate effect and to agree with the recognised trade unions appointment of an external legal specialist with experience in equalities legislation to carry out an independent inquiry into race discrimination against GWR staff to determine whether GWR’s policies and procedures have been applied in a fair and non-discriminatory fashion and to make recommendations on any findings.”

The National Executive Committee agreed the following (16th March 2017):

“That we note the resolution on file from our Paddington No.1 Branch and the sentiments contained therein.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to take this matter up in line with the Branch’s request.

Individual station grades members within the Paddington sphere of influence to be advised by text message and email.

Relevant Branch and Regional Council to be advised.”

This is being carried out.