Diesel Exposure Questionnaire

RMT has been asked to design and distribute a Diesel Exposure questionnaire for members who feel that they may have been exposed to diesel fumes during the course of their work. This is to gauge the level of exposure and whether this is causing any harm to our members. Certain industries will have more exposure to diesel fumes than others, for example members on Ro-Ro ferries, bus drivers and those using diesel operated machines/tools.

Currently there is no Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) for diesel as a whole product but constituent parts of the compound do have WELs. RMT has started a campaign to address this. We have a meeting scheduled with the HSE in February 2014 to discuss this very important issue. To further our cause, we need evidence of exposure so we are asking members to fill in the questionnaire and return it to us at Unity House.

If you need any further information please contact Paul Clyndes on 0207 529 8817 or p.clyndes@rmt.org.uk