Cross Country Revenue Duties

Our ref: HSR/2/7
Head Office Circular: NP/8/21
7th January 2021
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague,


Your Regional Organiser has provided me with a report advising that RMT Representatives have been involved in dialogue with Cross Country Trains regarding the increasing risks our members face, also making representations in accordance with the previous NEC decision – Head Office Circular NP/4/21 (dated 6th January 2021) refers - in respect of immediate cessation of Revenue duties while the revision of Risk Assessments for all tasks is worked through.

Cross Country’s approach to this matter is disappointing to say the least, the company being of the view that nothing has really changed and that current control measures are adequate. This is a position that your representatives find totally unacceptable.

Additionally, the company published communications to staff prior and during in the meeting that in essence states that for staff to continue as they are and that this advice has been developed by working with trade unions. This is not the case.

The Company has refused the immediate cessation of Revenue Duties. Your representatives advised the company that this will now lead to a dispute situation in accordance with previous NEC decision referred to above.

Following receipt of this report, your NEC today noted and adopted the following resolution:

We note the report received from our Lead Officer and share his alarm at Cross Country’s attitude during this latest lockdown due to the virus sweeping the country,

Cross Country’s approach in that ‘little’ has changed and that revenue duties should continue in conjunction with ‘current’ risk assessments, as they claim have been developed jointly with the Trade Unions (a point that they have communicated to their workforce) is contested, our Lead Officer has requested a cessation of revenue duties pending a review and possible amendments to risk assessments, this has been flatly rejected by Cross Country this cavalier and irresponsible attitude from Cross Country needs to be rejected in the most strongest terms

Therefore we instruct that the General Secretary informs the Company that we are now in dispute with them, further the G.S. is to write to all our affected members Train Managers, Senior Conductors, and Revenue Support specialist grades rebutting the company’s claims and to advise our members not to undertake revenue collection duties as laid out in ‘current’ risk assessment guidance, and to invoke the company’s work safe procedure.

We further instruct the general secretary to produce a press release informing the public of cross country’s complete disregard to the general public and employees’ safety during these unprecedented times.

Finally, to arrange a further meeting with the company as a matter of urgency.

An updated report is to be placed back in front of this NEC.

Relevant Branches, and Regional Councils to be informed.

I am acting in accordance with these instructions.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary