Head Office Circular NP/319/20

Our Ref: HSR/1/3

23rd December 2020

The Secretary




Dear Colleague




I wrote yesterday directly to members at East Midlands Railway advising them that we had written to EMR management about a number of serious safety concerns. The company were given a deadline to respond.


It is extremely disappointing and indeed impossible to comprehend why the company seems to be introducing unnecessary risk into the already dangerous working conditions of our members. The company did not respond and the matter was placed in front of the National Executive Committee who carried the following resolution:


We note the report and correspondence on file from the Lead Officer.


This NEC is left with no other option than to enter into dispute with the company, the Lead Officer has approached the company with reasonable requests to help protect our members.


The company are playing fast and loose with our members health and safety and that is unacceptable.


The company are playing fast and loose with our members health and safety by refusing to implement the following basic safety measures:


  • Refusal to mark vestibules as no waiting areas.
  • Refusal to label seats not for use.
  • Failure to Re introduce no commercial duties on train (as per Sept revenue agreement)
  • Failure to protect staff despite raising concerns (St Pancras)
  • EMR have scrapped reservations and no reservation only travel policy as per LNER, Avanti etc.
  • EMR lifting ticket restrictions without any consultant or consideration of impact of social distancing and safety on trains.


We therefore instruct the General Secretary to inform the company we are now in dispute, and to demand an urgent meeting with the company.


Our union makes no apologises for protecting our members health and safety, especially when the requests of the union are basic health and safety requirements.


Additionally a Zoom meeting is to be set up in early January 2021 between SAGs NEC & CC reps.


Members to be informed by text and email.


Relevant Branches/ Regional Councils to be advised.


I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will keep you advised of developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary