Emergency Special Working (ESW) Trial With SWT

Dear Colleague


Further to Head Office Circular NP/170/12 I am writing to update you on developments with this issue.

The General Grades Committee considered this matter again at their meeting on 17th January 2013 and adopted the following resolution:

“That we note the correspondence on file from Network Rail, South West Trains and ASLEF.

The Alliance between Network Rail and South West Trains still appears to be hell bent on watering down procedures, with the removal of Hand Signallers a clear indication of this.

Therefore we instruct the General Secretary to inform the companies that their request for a further meeting will only be considered after their updated, amended position is placed before us.

Further, we reiterate our total opposition to ESW in its current form and the Alliance is to be told in no uncertain terms, that this union will continue to oppose this ill conceived dilution of safety standards.

Further, no other meetings between the companies and our Representatives concerning this matter are to take place until further notice.

Additionally a reminder of our previous decision G943 to invite ASLEF to a joint strategy meeting at Unity House is to be sent to our sister trade union.

Branches and Regional Council to be advised.”

I am acting in accordance with this instruction and I will keep you informed of developments with this case.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary