Hazards Conference 2021

Our Ref: HSR/6/8
Head Office Circular: NP/239/21
6th July 2021
To: The Secretary
Dear Colleague,
The 2021 National Hazards Conference, organised by the Hazards Campaign, will be taking place at online on Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August.
The Conference will again be topical and deliver relevant and useful workshops and meetings across a wide range of subjects and issues. The Conference provides attendees with the opportunity to network across industries, sectors, trade unions and countries.
A number of RMT Branches- Cardiff No. 7, Fife & District, Leeds City, Paddington No. 1 (1190), Portsmouth, Sheffield & District, Southall Ealing & Slough, and Wishaw & Motherwell- have sponsored the Hazards Campaign, as has the RMT nationally.
Other Branches and Regional Councils are encouraged to consider sponsoring this Conference and also consider sending delegates, in order to provide RMT input into this very important event in the Trade Union calendar

Image Credit: Hazards Campaign

The Hazards Conference is the UK’s largest educational and organising event for trade union safety reps and activists. Join them on Saturday 31 st  July to Sunday 1 st  August 2021 to fight for the fundamental right to safe and healthy work.

Safety reps make a huge difference in supporting and extending workers’ basic rights and conditions. The conference will look at innovative and practical solutions to many of the issues facing workers and provide opportunities to network, exchange experience and information and learn from safety reps and activists from other unions, sectors and jobs across the UK.

There will be sessions running on the Saturday and the Sunday including workshops on risk assessments, air pollution in the workplace, sex and gender health and safety, investigating incidents and injuries and much more. It is encouraged where possible to sign up for both days.

Sign up for the 
Saturday  and the  Sunday  sessions.  Read the full agenda.
Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members. 
Yours sincerely
Michael Lynch
General Secretary