Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Dear Colleague,


The following resolution was submitted to the National Conference of Station and Associated Grades 2012:

“We are concerned that no action has been taken over our resolution regarding hepatitis for vulnerable staff.

The resolution was passed at conference 2 years ago and taken to the AGM where is was unanimously supported.

Despite being reviewed at conference last year, nothing further has occurred.

The cost of this vaccination is around £70 against a potentially life threatening disease.

We would like a response from the CofE please.”

Despite the assertions of the resolution the Council of Executives instructed me to write to employers last year asking what their plans were following concerns having been raised about contracting the disease.

Once the responses were received, I was further instructed to circulate them which I did last year with Circular NP/144/12 on 22nd June 2012.

Once again, I attach the responses from the companies and I trust that this fully answers the resolution from the Station and Associated Grades Conference 2012.

Please ensure that the contents of this circular are made available to all those concerned.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary