Impact on Transport of Latest Government Covd-19 Measures

Our Ref: HSR/1/3

Head Office Circular: NP/307/20

20th December 2020


The Secretary




Dear Colleague




You will be aware of the latest Government position with regards to areas now in “Tier 4” which can be viewed here


The scenes of overcrowding and chaos on rail services last night were a disgrace and must not be repeated. They reflect the shambolic approach of the Government that has been a hallmark of their management of the COVID pande‎mic. Our reps and officials have been reiterating the guidance to our members that they have a right to remove themselves to a place of safety and that enforcement of the new measures is a matter for the police. The safety and welfare of our members comes first.


Our specific advice and guidance to members is that if social distancing cannot be applied in line with the requirements detailed within previous RMT advice (which can be found here) then report the details to your Line Manager or Supervisor and do not proceed with the activity.


If any of these control measures cannot be adhered to or they believe that any of the line manager’s responsibilities have not been adhered to, stop work and challenge, and invoke the work safe procedure (or equivalent) if required.


Network Rail has already declared: “Network Rail will support any member of staff when they invoke Work Safe Procedure”.


RMT will back all members invoking such procedures requiring them to stop the job.


RMT continues discussions across the industry through the Rail Industry Coronavirus Advisory Forum ‎to protect jobs, services, safety and livelihoods. The new Government measures present enormous fresh challenges and carry huge levels of risk. RMT has clear priorities and we will press to ensure that they are addressed and that no groups of workers, geographical areas or industrial sectors are left behind.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary