Imposition of Unsafe Work Practice and Staff Cuts - Detrainment Points - LUL

Our ref: HSR/2/17
Head Office Circular: NP/22/22
27th January 2022
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague,


Your Piccadilly and District West Branch submitted the following resolution:

This branch notes the company proposal to remove the Detrainment Staff at Barking imminently and a dozen other locations at later dates. The company has said they intend to use the dangerous Flash and Dash method to detrain.

The process whereby drivers flash their lights, make an announcement and close their doors before driving into a siding. We believe for our safety and customer safety it is essential that this practice be opposed at every level of the machinery.

We call upon the NEC to draw up a ballot matrix of all LU Passenger Driver Grades for Industrial Action, both strike action and action short of a strike.

We cannot leave any staff members vulnerable to overcarries with all the safety implications that brings to staff. We believe that every driver must be able to detrain fully, in the absence of available station staff.

At its meeting on 25th January 2022 your National Executive Committee resolved as follows:

We thank our Piccadilly and District West branch for their resolution.

The removal of detrainment staff is a direct consequence of London Underground’s plans to cut station staffing levels and will impact on our train operator members. The proposed working practice is unsafe and unacceptable to our train operator members.

The General Secretary is instructed to compile a ballot matrix of all LUL train operator members and to place a report on this matter, from the Lead Officer, in front of the NEC as a matter of urgency.

LTRC and branches to be informed.

I am acting in line with these instructions and will keep members informed of further developments.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary