International Workers Memorial Day 2024

Our ref: HSR

Head Office Circular: NP/105/24

16th April 2024

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague



Every year on 28th April all over the world, trade unions, workers, and families hold remembrance events to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day because work continues to kill millions globally every year. 


The Hazards Campaign brought Workers Memorial Day to the UK in 1990s with twin aims, to Remember the Dead and also to Fight for the Living. Workers across the UK are requested to join workers across the world to take action on 28th April and to share your event on


What are you doing for International Workers Memorial Day? 


❖ Hold a one-minute silence at 12.00 to remember all those who have died because of work. 


❖ Are you organising a workplace or online event? If so, have you arranged for a speaker from Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) ( or the Hazards Campaign? If you need one, please contact Janet at Hazards and she will try to arrange it. 


❖ Use the Hazards Campaign ‘Whole Story’ numbers to talk about the true number of people who have died over the last 12 months because of work -


❖ If you know of anyone who has been killed because of work put their name on the Workers Memorial Wall:


❖ Hazards Campaign information and resources -


❖ TUC information and resources -


❖ Lean on Me – Families against corporate killers supporting families of those killed at work:


❖ Hazards Campaigners talking about what IWMD means to them:


For more information, contact Janet Newsham / 07734 317158


This year, the TUC is mobilising union safety reps to carry out an inspection, in order to raises the profile of the issue and put pressure on employers and the government to tackle building safety issues including RAAC, asbestos, and fire safety.


Doing this in the week of Workers’ Memorial Day shines a light on how RAAC in particular is a fatal accident waiting to happen. It also obviously demonstrates the importance of the role of union safety reps!

On the week commencing 22nd April, the TUC will be inviting safety reps to carry out a building safety inspection, and providing info and resources for them to do so. A number of RMT health and Safety representatives have already signed up to this.


The TUC has launched the sign-up form for reps to tell us they want to get involved and carry out an inspection:


Any rep who signs up will also receive more info, resources to help refresh their knowledge, and a building safety inspection checklist.

If you take part, you will also get TUC Education accreditation.

Please bring this circular to the attention of all relevant members.


Yours sincerely




Michael Lynch

General Secretary