LRD Guide - Health and Safety Law 2022

Our ref: HSR/4/8

Head Office Circular: NP/181/22

7th September 2022

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague,




This year’s Labour Research Department (LRD) Health and Safety Law 2022 will be a new-look edition. It will feature a new structure and expanded index - making this best-selling health and safety legal guide even better and easier to use.


It is vital that safety reps have a good knowledge of health and safety law, including about their rights and employers’ obligations, to back them up as they take action to keep their members safe, whether they are returning to their workplace or working from home.


Covering all the latest developments in UK health and safety law, including changes to statutory regulations and new case law, as well as guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other official bodies, the TUC and individual unions. This includes the latest developments in, and union concerns about, health and safety law post-Brexit.


The handbook aims to provide safety reps and other trade union reps with a comprehensive guide to health and safety law and guidance as they work through the pandemic and beyond. It sets out the law using clear and practical language, explains the changes that have taken place since the last edition, and details any forthcoming changes in the year ahead.



There is a pre-publication offer of 10% off the New LRD handbook which ends on 15th September 2022; this online order form - - provides an extra 10% discount on all orders of one hundred copies or more.


The LRD is in the process of developing a very simple landing page which I will then circulate to Branches. 


This will contain a link for Branches to order bulk copies of Health and Safety Law 2022 and get the 10% discount. Branches will be able to customize your copies if you wish. 


There is a special affiliated discount that Branches can access and there will also be a button that allows Branches to affiliate. 



I remind members that the Union affiliates nationally to the LRD – an organisation dedicated to publishing vital information and research of use to trade unionists and employee reps.


In addition to affiliating, we also separately pay for access to a number of LRD products – including their online services. 

As part of this, all RMT members are entitled to read and download every LRD booklet and magazine. The content, which is fully searchable and includes both current and back issues, can be accessed at where you can use the login details below.


The logon details are:


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I also encourage all branches to affiliate to LRD as affiliation gives the best value access to LRD's services. The cost of affiliation can be met by your Branch Management Fund and includes the following:


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Details on how your branch can affiliate to LRD can be found here:



Please bring the contents of this circular and the attached document to the attention of relevant members. 


Yours sincerely



Michael Lynch

General Secretary