LUL - Hot Procedure

Our Ref: HSR/2/16
Head Office Circular: NP/042/16
26th January 2016

The Secretary

Dear Colleague

LUL - Hot Procedure

Concerns have been raised by our members working on London Underground that LUL’s HOT procedure – for dealing with suspicious packages, needs to be reviewed and updated. On giving consideration to a report on this matter the National Executive Committee have noted and adopted the following resolution from their Health and Safety Sub-committee:

We note the concerns of the LUL Trains Council and instruct the General Secretary to seek a joint review with LUL and this union of the current security procedures. A further report to be placed back in front of this National Executive Committee.

Branches and Regional Councils be advised.
I am acting on this instruction and will be raising our concerns with the company and will provide further reports on developments.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all relevant members.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary