National Hazards Conference 2022

Our ref: HSR/6/8

Head Office Circular: NP/144/22

24th June 2022

To: The Secretary





Dear Colleague,



29th to 31st JULY 2022


I write to remind you about the Hazards Conference 2022 which is now just over a month away - on 29th to 31st July 2022, at Keele University (and online).


The National Hazards Conference is the biggest gathering of safety reps in the country, bringing together reps from a range a different union along with community h&s activists from organisations such as FACK (Families Against Corporate Killing) and asbestos campaigners amongst others. 


With an excellent range of speakers and workshops on specialist health and safety issues, the conference is the ideal opportunity for RMT safety reps to broaden their knowledge and to network with other likeminded people. 


Several safety reps from the RMT Health and Safety Committee will be at the conference - and want to encourage other RMT reps to attend also - so that RMT have a high profile at the conference. This is particularly important this year with RMT members involved in industrial action on several different fronts - and one of the central themes of the different campaigns is workplace safety. 


If your branch does decide to send a rep(s) to the conference (either in person or remotely) please let colleagues in RMT health and safety department know by emailing so that they can arrange a meet up for RMT reps at the conference. 


A copy of the booking form can be downloaded from: - if you would like more information about the conference arrangements email or phone: 07734 317158.


Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members. 


So you are aware, I shall also be writing directly to all RMT safety reps encouraging them to attend the Hazards Conference.  


Yours sincerely



Michael Lynch

General Secretary