Network Rail – Life Saving Rule Breach

Our Ref: HSR/4/2 Head Office Circular: NP/156/19  30th August 2019 To: The Secretary ALL BRANCHES REGIONAL COUNCILS

Dear Colleague,

Network Rail – Life Saving Rule Breach

Doncaster Branch submitted the following resolution:

This Branch is appalled at the length of time some of our members are having to wait within Network Rail following a potential Life Saving Rule breach, which could then go on to disciplinary action.

We have had some of our members waiting ten, eleven and twelve months plus from when an incident has occurred up to the disciplinary hearing. This is not good enough. The strain it is having on our member is unacceptable and is unnecessary. We have had incompetent managers being asked to investigate incidents where they have had no prior training, and still be expected to carry out their normal duties. This is taking far too long. Then once it has gone to the Fair Culture panel and their decision is reckless contravention then another investigation process begins which is taking up more time. Therefore, we ask the Executive Committee to write to Network Rail and investigate for themselves the scale of this issue within the company and what they can do to resolve this. The resolution was considered by the NEC at their meeting of 29th August 2019 where they noted and adopted the following report of their Midland –Sub Committee.

We note and welcome the resolution on file from Doncaster branch.

We instruct the General Secretary to write to the company and raise this unions concerns, about the issues raised within the resolution. Furthermore, the General Secretary is to liaise with the lead health and safety representatives to seek their view on this matter.

Further the General Secretary is instructed to place an updated report in front of this NEC no later than the Thursday 26th September 2019.

Please make the contents of this circular available to all appropriate member.

Yours sincerely  

Mick Cash

General Secretary