Network Rail – S&T – Scotland – Worksafe Procedure

Our Ref: HSR/4/2
Head Office Circular: NP/097/16
30th March 2016

The Secretary

Dear Colleague

Network Rail – S&T – Scotland – Worksafe Procedure

Further to the previous circular NP/095/16, 24th March 2016, you will recall a member rep in Scotland was threatened with disciplinary measures for invoking the Network Rail work safe policy & procedure when instructed to work at height whilst only being a 2 man team. The company have responded positively. The N.E.C. having considered a report off the Regional Organiser, have passed the following decision.

That we note the report on file from our lead officer, following an avoidance of dispute meeting that took place in Glasgow on the 25th March 2016, with Network Rail (infrastructure director Scotland route). It has now been confirmed and re-affirmed that the work safe procedure is an integral and important procedure to highlight abuse of the health & safety in the railways in Scotland. Therefore our rep who steadfastly refused to bow down and be intimidated has now been vindicated for his actions and any threat of disciplinary against him has been withdrawn. We therefore congratulate our rep for his actions and the swift action that the union took to stop this intimidation abuse of H & S.

Further we note that a joint working group has been set up to find a solution to working at height, we await a further report from this group and we remain vigilant on the issue.

Therefore we instruct the General Secretary to advise the company a dispute situation no longer exist with our two organisations. Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.

I am in the process of carrying out that decision.

Please bring the content of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary