Network Rail – Vehicle Speed Warning System (VSWS)

Our ref: HSR/2/29

Head Office Circular: NP/474/21

24th December 2021

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague,




Further to Head Office Circular NP/441/21, dated 8th December 2021, your National Executive Committee (NEC) met on 23rd December 2021, to discuss a report received from its Health and Safety sub-committee, from when it met to discuss correspondence received from Network Rail relating to “Avoidance of Dispute – Speeding” and subsequent meeting of the H&S sub-committee with NWR Lead Reps to discuss the content of the letter:

At their meeting your NEC noted and adopted the following report from the Health and Safety sub-committee:

We note the correspondence received from Network Rail dated 8th December. Following a meeting between the Lead Officer, RMT Network Rail Lead Union Health and Safety Representatives and this NEC’s health and safety sub-committee on 15th December 2021 where this correspondence was discussed, the General Secretary is instructed to reply to the company as follows:


On point 2, we note the concerns from the representatives in regard to speed exceedance. 


On point 3 (a), two speeding events on separate days inside 12months at the road speed limit plus 10mph or under will result in the driver automatically attending a driver rehabilitation course (title: Post Incident Remedial Interventions Training).


On point 3 (b), two Speeding events on separate days inside 12 months at the road speed plus 11mph+ through to 19mph will result in a safety investigation subject to fair culture outcome.


Inaccuracy of SatNavs will also be taken into consideration.


Each case should be treated on its merit.


All records to be expunged after 12 months.


Branches and Regional Councils to be informed.


I am acting in accordance with this decision. 


Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members. 


Yours sincerely




Michael Lynch

General Secretary