Network Rail Crossing the Line Procedure

Head Office Circular NP/156/21
Our Ref: HSR/2/15
14th May 2021
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague


Further to Head Office Circular NP/138/21, dated 29th April 2021, at its meeting on 11th May your National Executive Committee (NEC) noted the following report from its Health and Safety Sub-committee:

That we note a meeting has taken place with our Representatives.

Having considered the issues, including signaller workload, we are of the view that:

• Risk Assessments should include real consideration of the signals being placed at danger.
• The Risk Assessments should consider the process as a hierarchy where the signal being placed at danger is considered as the first option.
• That the maximum time that the signaller should be on the call while the persons are actually crossing the track should be limited to 2 minutes.
• That the Crossing the Line Procedure should not serve to replace necessary line blockages where they are currently required or may be required in future.
• That Risk Assessments should be freely provided to our Lead H&S Reps.

Finally, in assessing and creating the Crossing the Line processes they should not be allowed to create, as a side-effect or consequence, increased unsocial or night working.

I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will keep you advised of developments.

Please bring the contents of this Circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary