NHASAC Nominations 2019-2021

30th August 2018
Head Office Circular NP/167/18


Dear Colleague,

With reference to the above matter nominations are now being sought for all constituencies in respect of the above Committee in accordance with Rule 12B. The period of office for the above posts is three years from 1st January 2019.

The National Health and Safety Advisory Committee meets a minimum of four times per year to advise the National Executive Committe on matters relevant to the Committee. The Committee consists of one Health and Safety Representative from each National Executive electoral region, including Maritime Grades. Once the new Committee has been established, a Liaison Committee will be elected at the next National Health and Safety Conference 2019, comprising three members of the Advisory Committee. Arrangements will also be made for one member of the Liaison Committee to chair the Conference.

Branches are invited to submit nominations for one representative from each of the National Executive Committee regions including Maritime Grades to serve on the Committee. Please note that the representation is based on the electoral regions and is not company or grade based. At the closing date for nominations, candidates must be:

• A Health and Safety Representative
• Employed as defined in Rule 2, Clause 1 (a), (b) or (c)
• Up to date with contributions

A list of Branches and their relevant electoral region is attached.

If your Branch wants to send other Branches details of your nominee's qualifications, the circular will need to be forwarded to Head Office in accordance with Rule 13. Please note the following:

• the circular must be signed by the candidate and at least two Branch Officers, or the Shipping Branch Organiser. It must also bear the date on which it was signed.
• it must not contain photographs of the nominee
• your Branch must have made its nomination either before or at the same time as you submit your circular

When your circular is received at Head Office, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the Branch. Once a circular has been authorised, it will be returned for distribution.

Rule 13 states that other election circulars are now permitted. However, the Rule states, "A member, candidate or Branch responsible for the composition of any election circulars shall ensure that, while it may raise debate on policy for the Union, this being wholly correct in the conduct of free and democratic elections:

(a) it does not advocate fascist or racist views or in way contravenes this Union's policies against discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation;
(b) it is neither libellous nor impugns the good name of the Union or its members.
(c) it is circulated solely within the Union for use of members only and is regarded
as private and confidential and is not published or otherwise disclosed outside
the Union."

A nomination form is enclosed, together with a list of Branches in the various electoral regions. Completed nominations must be returned to Head Office by the closing date for nominations, which is Friday 12th October 2018. When the nomination form is received, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the Branch.

If a ballot is necessary, ballot papers will be sent to Branches immediately following the close of nominations.

Please acknowledge receipt of this circular and nomination form immediately, by completing and returning the attached slip.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary