ORR Guidance - Managing Rail Staff Fatigue

Dear Colleague,


The Office of Rail Regulation has published Guidance to managing rail staff fatigue. The Guidance is aimed at individuals who have a responsibility for managing fatigue, including those who have control of safety critical workers under Regulation 25 of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS). The Guidance sets out the legal duties to manage fatigue and what systems employers should have in place to manage the risks that may arise from fatigue.

The General Grades Committee made the following decision:

“We note the Guidance from the ORR but are concerned at developments where companies are using fatigue to attack members’ terms and conditions. Hours of work are a matter for negotiation between this union and the employers and must remain so.

In addition, in order to assist our representatives the General Secretary is instructed to produce a briefing paper on the Guidance and distribute it widely to Lead Officers and Representatives with an article in the RMT News. We further instruct the General Secretary to instruct Lead Officers to approach companies seeking joint training for representatives and managers on the Fatigue Guidance.”

In accordance with the decision, I have prepared a briefing for the ORR Guidance which is attached/enclosed. Branch Secretaries are asked to distribute the briefing document to reps involved with roster planning or fatigue monitoring. In addition to the briefing, Lead Officers are instructed to seek joint training for reps and managers on the subject of rail staff fatigue. Click here for the ORR Guidance http://tinyurl.com/acehtbe or here for the RMT Briefing Document http://tinyurl.com/albab48

Please read the briefing and if you have any queries contact the Health & Safety section on s.mackay@rmt.org.uk or 0207 529 8838.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary