P&O Fatigue Working Group

Our Ref: HSR/2/26
Head Office Circular: NP/0123/18
4th July 2018
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague,


P & O have set up a working party looking at Fatigue within their short sea routes. The company have now provided correspondence seeking to have a similar working group within the larger sea routes.

The matter has been placed infront of your National Executive Committee and they have agreed the following decisions;

“That we note the correspondence on file from the company and the request from them that the Fatigue Working Group is to be extended to all three P & O sectors. This group was set up in the short sea in 2012 after a fatigue study was carried out by the University of Cardiff into the week on week off work routine on the short sea vessels. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to seek volunteers from our North and Irish sea representatives and arrange for a meeting with the company into how this will work going forwards. Maritime Branches and Regional Councils to be informed”.

I am in the process of carrying out those decisions.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary