Personal Protective Equipment

Dear Colleague,


Following concerns being raised with the design of Customer Service Vests that were imposed on East Coast staff during the Olympics last year, I have been asked by the GGC to issue a circular reminding members about the safe standards for Hi Vis Vests.

For staff going on the lineside or on or near the line, Railway Group Standard GO/RT3279 applies. This standard describes the colour and reflective markings required for HVVs to meet it. HVVs should have either velcro or pop fastenings to ensure that they can be safely removed if they get trapped in anything such as machinery or passing trains. It should also fit correctly and be able to be kept clean.

RMT believes that any Hi Vis clothing that customer service or station staff are expected to wear should be made of similar design. It should be easy to detach in case of being trapped or in the case of customer aggression.

Any Hi Vis jackets or vests that staff are expected to wear in the case of special events should first be consulted on with your union reps. If a Hi Vis vest is considered to be Personal Protective Equipment then it should meet the Group Standard above as well as the PPE Regulations 1992.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all members.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary