Removal of Covid 19 Protections

Our Ref: HSR/1/3

Head Office Circular: NP/046/22

18th February 2022

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague,




I write further to head office circular NP/253/21 dated 16th July 2021, in relation to a decision taken at a Special Meeting of the RMTNational Executive Committee (NEC) when it met yesterday to consider a report from its Health and Safety sub-committee,  from when it met to discuss the Prime Ministers intention to remove all Covid-19 protections with effect from 24th February – with a more cautious approach being adopted by the Governments of Wales and Scotland.


The report adopted by the NEC is as follows:


We note the Government’s intention to remove all Covid-19 protections, including the need to self-isolate in England from 24th February 2022.


We are appalled by the Governments cavalier approach to what is still a potentially dangerous disease, a desperate decision driven by the Prime Ministers need to bolster support amongst his libertarian back bench MPs.


We instruct the General Secretary to:


-       Issue guidance to RMT safety reps explaining that whether Covid-19 laws or guidance are in place or not, employers must consult with unions and their representatives to ensure that the workplace is safe.  Additionally, employers must carry out proper risk assessments which recognise the level of community infection, the type of work being carried out, workplace outbreaks and for these assessments to include mitigation measures to reduce risks in including improving ventilation


-       To write to RICF to ensure that the issue of sick pay for contractor staff is resolved so that they receive full pay if they have to go sick.


-       To rename this file ‘Removal of Covid-19 protections’


Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.


I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will keep you advised of developments.


Yours sincerely




Michael Lynch

General Secretary