Reporting incidents during industrial action on 8th October

Our Ref: HSR/4/5

Head Office Circular: NP/211/22

6th October 2022

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague,



ON 8th OCTOBER 2022


Reporting incidents to RMT

Please notify me at if you become aware of any dangerous incidents caused by employers use of contingency staff on 8th October 2022 - in the run up to the strike action, during the strike action or subsequently. 


When you write please provide as much relevant information as possible, including:

  • details on what happened (train numbers, time, route, photographs if you have them) 
  • where it happened
  • who it involved
  • when it took place.


The RMT will use this information to contact ORR and for press and campaigning work. Please let us know if you don’t want the information to be used in this way - as we can still use if for internal union purposes (such as forming a national picture of employers strike breaking activities).


Thanks very much to those of you who have already sent in information on incidents that took place during previous strike action. This information was sent to ORR, I met with them to discuss and there is ongoing dialogue with ORR in respect to this information which we received from RMT members. Additionally, we will be using this information (in anonymised form) on social media.  


It is important that we continue to apply the pressure on both employers and ORR in respect to the tactic’s employers deploy in an attempt to break our strike action. We can only do this with your assistance, so please keep sending us information to


Yours sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary