Representation at Occupational Health Appointments

Our Ref: HSR/1/19
Head Office Circular: NP/289/13
18th October 2013

The Secretary

Dear Colleague


Concerns have been raised with the union by our representatives that members are not automatically allowed representation at Occupational Health Appointments. This case has been considered by the General Grades Committee and our Lead Officers have been gathering up to date information from the companies with which we have recognition.

The General Grades Committee have noted and adopted the following report of their Health and Safety Sub-committee:

We note the company responses on file, the majority of which support our position. However we note the considerable range of differing arrangements that apply. The General Secretary is instructed to circularise a précis of the responses to Branches and Regional Councils. Further, Lead Officers to be advised to press our case in this regard with the employers and report developments to this General Grades Committee. Further, Lead Officers to press companies that have still not responded for an answer.
Please find attached a précis of the responses that have been received.

I am acting in accordance with the remainder of the instructions in the Circular and will keep you informed of developments with this case.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow
General Secretary