Retired RMT Members: Asbestos

Our ref: HSR/1/2
Head Office Circular: NP/31/23
7th February 2023

The Secretary

Dear Colleague,


Thompsons’ asbestos team based in central London covers the whole of the south east area and represent victims and families of deceased victims who have been diagnosed with asbestos related diseases. Some of these diseases are fatal, such as mesothelioma, an asbestos related lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos dust many years ago. They have, and still do, represent RMT members who were exposed to asbestos many years ago and then go on to develop an asbestos related disease years later, often long after retirement from their jobs.

Thompsons is looking to raise awareness of these awful diseases to RMT members not only in the south east but throughout the country and to provide advice and guidance on your legal rights should you receive a diagnosis of an asbestos related disease, which often comes “out of the blue”. Compensation is payable on most of the asbestos related diseases, but legal guidance is required on the steps involved in making a successful claim. In cases where the victim passes away as a result of the asbestos disease, the widow(er) has a legal right to bring a claim for the loss of her financial dependency/services her/his late spouse/partner provided and this can provide financial security for her future.

They are able to provide talks and/or presentations to any groups of members about asbestos materials in the workplace and information in relation to legal rights to bring a claim for compensation.

Anyone who may be interested in learning more about this should get in touch with Jackie Wood of Thompsons directly. She would be happy to arrange a visit to any interested groups to provide a talk and to discuss your legal rights. Her details are as follows:

Jackie Wood
FCILEX Senior Lawyer
Asbestos Team

Postal address:

Thompsons Solicitors LLP
Condor House London
P O Box 11032
Tel: 020 7290 0056
Please bring the contents of this circular and the attached document to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary