RMT Scottish NWC Safety Rep Recruitment Circular

Dear members


My name is Chris Adair, the Lead RMT Safety Rep for Scotland and NW&C – I am writing this letter to ask you to consider becoming a RMT safety rep for your Network Rail Maintenance discipline if you do not already have one in place. 


The role of the RMT safety representation is independent of the management. The RMT Safety Reps are there to represent the interests and safety concerns of our members’ co-workers and respond on their behalf. You will be able to provide a valuable insight, skills and resource that will help Network Rail and your co-workers make the railway a safety environment. 


If you require more information or would like to join one of our RMT Scottish or NW&C Maintenance Safety Councils, please feel free to contact me directly or one of the below Scottish + NW&C L2 safety reps for your Maintenance Delivery Unit:


  • Lead Safety Rep: Chris Adair 07802890302
  • Alex Cameron Edinburgh DU: 07739776589
  • Murray Garrow Glasgow DU: 07808244855
  • Billy Blair Motherwell DU: 07711602083
  • Willy McCann Motherwell DU: 075423389198
  • Chris Keaveney Glasgow DU: 07922027973
  • Peter McQueen Perth DU: 07715133411 
  • Tim Giles Carlisle DU: 07720957548 
  • Craig McKnight Carlisle DU: 07802890079
  • Uwes Patel Preston DU: 07920856713
  • Conrad Miller Preston DU: 07801334324
  • Scott Irving Manchester DU: 07801902377
  • Dave Tunstead Manchester DU: 07917330570
  • George Dobbins Liverpool DU: 07801908272
  • Michael Stanton Liverpool DU: 07595729029
  • Karl Dawson Liverpool DU: 07793863675
  • Ged Potter Liverpool DU: 07764228938 
  • Ian Penfold Sandwell & Dudley DU: 07740782902
  • Paul Finch Sandwell & Dudley DU: 07713302163
  • Khan Baker Saltley DU: 07967668996
  • Neil Sanders Saltley DU: 07825766481
  • Pat Sheedy Stafford DU: 07921071000
  • Matt Prichard Stafford DU: 07817110281
  • John Miller Bletchley DU: 07583450362
  • Anthony Dodds Bletchley DU: 07732639988
  • Levi Sarosh-Cambridge Euston DU: 0779255043
  • Chris Adair Euston DU: 07802890302 


Below is supporting information which will help you in your new safety rep role if you choose to take on the RMT local safety rep’s role:


Contacts and Support 

Your local branch

Your RMT branch can give you help and support.  You should report back to your branch with reports and feedback on workplace issues/activities you are dealing with. See RMT rule book, section 10A for more information: https://www.rmt.org.uk/about/rmt-rule-book/rule-10a/


Safety Rep Training 

There is a duty on RMT safety reps to undertake training (se0e RMT rule book, section 10A for more information: https://www.rmt.org.uk/about/rmt-rule-book/rule-10a/).


Training is available via the following routes:


RMT National residential course options

RMT provides Safety Rep Stage One and Stage Two courses and Maritime Health and Safety courses at BCNEC (Bob Crow National Education Centre) in Doncaster.  You will be able to book onto a course by logging onto the RMT Website, then clicking on E-membership (top right-hand corner); this will generate a list on the left-hand side. RMT Training courses are at the very bottom of this list. Click on this and all courses are listed in date order. Alternatively, please contact Denise Wornin (d.wornin@rmt.org.uk<mailto:d.wornin@rmt.org.uk>).


Accommodation and travel

Accommodation and meals are provided at the dedicated training centre in Doncaster. Any transport requirements will have to be arranged by you - however, reasonable costs can be claimed back on the course, providing you have receipts/ proof of purchase.


TUC Safety Rep Training 

The national TUC operate training:

TUC Education | TUC


Time off

Paid leave for training is provided. It is your responsibility to arrange your release so that you can attend any training course for which you apply - however, if you encounter any difficulties in doing so, please let your Regional Office know.



To assist you in your role please see the following:

RMT Health and Safety Reps Charter

The charter explains: your role as a RMT Health and Safety Rep, how to progress safety issues in the RMT, the training and support the RMT gives to Safety Reps, how to support members submitting accident claims.https://www.rmt.org.uk/about/health-and-safety/health-and-safety-resources-for-reps/


Safety Representative and Safety Committee Regulations 1977https://www.rmt.org.uk/news/publications/brownbook/)These regs set out your appointment, functions and rights. 


RMT Health and Safety Handbook 

This Handbook supports the SRSC regs and outlines major pieces of health and safety legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. 



Serious and Imminent Danger booklet



You will be given hard copies of the above if you attend RMT safety rep training at BCNEC.  Although if you want hard copies now or will not be undertaking training at BCNEC then please email healthandsafety@rmt.org.uk


LRD (Labour Research Department) Guidance

You can access LRD publications free of charge on the following link:


logon: rmt

password: pot427


RMT health and safety information



Young Health and Safety Reps

RMT is looking at a development scheme for young RMT Network Rail safety reps, which will oversee their progress and will include:

-           short (2/3 days) Network Rail specific H&S training (this training to be in addition to the BCNEC/TUC H&S rep training, stages 1 and 2)

-           training course to be delivered by RMT Network Rail Lead Reps

-           a system of mentor reps to be set up

-           after completion of the short training course new reps will be expected to carry out a safety inspection/attend a safety committee/ investigate a safety incident.  They will be supported through this process by their mentor rep.


RMT Annual Health and Safety Advisory Conference 

You are encouraged to attend RMTs Annual Health and Safety Advisory Conference, which takes place in February each year. This conference is the largest of RMT’s annual conferences and is an opportunity for safety reps to hear from high profile speakers, debate safety motions and participate in H&S training. 



I hope that you enjoy your role as a RMT Safety Rep. 


Yours sincerely




Chris Adair 

Scotland’s RMT Lead Safety Rep