RSSB guidance for responding to potentially traumatic incidents in rail


Our Ref: HSR/2/2 Head Office Circular: NP/097/19 30th May 2019 To: The Secretary ALL BRANCHES REGIONAL COUNCILS

Dear Colleague,


RSSB have produced new guidance for rail companies that seeks to establish best practice when their staff are involved in a potentially traumatic incident. Railway staff are exposed to a whole raft of such events, suicide on the railway, trespassers on the railway, violent assault, verbal abuse and threats from passengers who may be fare evading.




RMT were involved in industry consultation on the guidance and the document was placed before the National Executive Committee who have noted and adopted the following report of their Health and Safety Sub-Committee:

We note the document on file from RSSB. We recognise this document as best practice in the rail industry and instruct the General Secretary to endorse it. Further, once published, the document to be circulated to RMT Representatives with an instruction that ‘best practice’ is integrated into workplace policies.

Branches and Regional Councils to be informed.

The document can be accessed on the RSSB website:

This guidance is designed to:

1. provide a consistent evidence-based process for how the rail industry supports employees      following traumatic incidents in the workplace 2. manage the risk from trauma related mental ill health in the workplace 3. reduce the impact of traumatic incidents at work on the mental wellbeing of employees

In addition to the guidance RSSB has also produced information on what post-traumatic stress disorder is and where to get help on their website, which includes a video for staff:

I shall be making the guidance available to lead officers asking them to discuss how best to implement the guidance in order to better prevent avoidable trauma.

Please make the contents of this circular available to all appropriate members.

Yours sincerely   Mick Cash General Secretary