Signalling Irregularities at Neasden Depot (b)

Dear Colleague,


Further to Circular NP: 061/13 dated 07th March 2013, the industrial action proposed at Neasden Depot was called off. The General Grades Committee passed the following resolution on the subject:

“We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the confirmation from our representatives that the repairs have been completed to his satisfaction. It is appalling that London Underground and its contractor, Thales, allowed these irregularities to continue for so long. Without this union’s threat to take industrial action, we believe they would have allowed these dangerous faults to continue even longer. We instruct the General Secretary to write to London Underground expressing our view and seeking an explanation for this situation and an assurance that it will not happen again.

We place on record the work of our Tier 2 Service Control Health & Safety representatives on this matter. We commend Brother Ian Granger for his determined pursuit of this issue, demonstrating the essential role that a vigilant and effective RMT Health & Safety representative can play, especially when supported by members’ willingness to take industrial action.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to cancel our industrial action ballot.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.”

I am currently acting in accordance with these instructions and will update you further as necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary