Our ref: HSR/4/6

Head Office Circular: NP/167/23

19th September 2023


To: The Secretary, all branches

Regional Councils


Dear Colleague,




Your 2023 Annual General Meeting adopted the following resolution:


We note that when a member is having to deal with a stressful and traumatic time in their life the Union and indeed many TOCs will advise and guide staff to relevant support systems, ie councillors, doctors and other medical professions, but it seems there is no support for reps and indeed individual managers nor note takers who may be deeply affected by the topic of the meeting/case.


We ask that the NEC contact all TOCs regarding this matter and urge them to put some structure in place for all concerned to be offered help and support if required.


At its meeting on 31st August 2023 your National Executive Committee noted and adopted the following report from its Health and Safety sub-committee:


We recognise that many of our reps are under pressure at work, as well as supporting and representing members who have experienced stressful and traumatic incidents. In relation to this it is crucial that RMT reps receive the right support to safeguard their own mental health. RMT provides Mental Health Awareness training for our reps. However, RMT reps are also employees, and as such their TOCs have a duty of care to them under Health and Safety law and good practice


Given this the General Secretary is instructed to write to all TOCs to demand that employers’ processes take into account extra pressures and responsibilities reps are exposed to and to remind the employers of their responsibilities under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in respect to the Duty of Care and also in relation to the Equality Act 2010, further than Employer Assistance programmes provide the option of the employee meeting face to face foe assistance rather than solely via telephone or video conference. 


I am acting in line with these instructions. In addition, it is useful to be aware of this guidance:  Work Stress, the UK National Work Stress Network,  “TU Stewards – survival guide”


Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members. 


Yours sincerely



Michael Lynch

General Secretary