Dear Colleague


Further to my Circular NP/303/12, 3rd December 2012 I am writing to update you on developments with this case.

As a result of writing to the company the trials of the Vortok Rearguard system have been extended and an RMT Health and Safety Rep has been appointed to oversee the trials. While the responses to the company questionnaire have been useful the GGC is concerned that not enough data is being collected and have therefore carried the following resolution:

“We note the report from our Representative Bro. Shipperd regarding the trialling of the Vortok rearguard secondary protection that is currently taking place, and that the feedback from those trialling it is positive; except for the robustness of the plug sockets on the unit.

We also note the belated response (20th Feb 2013) from Network Rail on this issue. Stating that 50 questionnaires have been sent out with around a 50% response to date.

The General Secretary is instructed to produce our own questionnaire for Bro Shipperd to distribute amongst staff partaking in the trial, it’s imperative that we have concise feedback and data if the trial is to be a success .The questionnaire should be designed in a way to produce a response and not be a tick box exercise.

Regional Councils and Branches to be advised.”

I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will keep you informed of developments with this case.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary