TWU Local 100 – Tony Nigro Campaign

Our Ref: HSR/2/1
Head Office Circular: NP/178/14
4th September 2014

The Secretary

Dear Colleague

TWU Local 100 – Tony Nigro Campaign

TWU Local 100 have advised of a successful campaign that saw the widow of an activist, Tony Nigro, awarded compensation thought to total in the region of $1 million following his death from cancer associated with exposure to diesel fumes. This is the first successful personal injury case, that RMT have been advised of, since the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified diesel exhaust as a ‘definite carcinogen’.    

On giving consideration to publicity from TWU Local 100 the Council of Executives have noted and adopted the following report of their Health and Safety Sub-committee:

We note the tragic death of Tony Nigro and offer our sincere condolences to his widow Dorota. We congratulate TWU Local 100 on their successful campaign on behalf of Dorota and their significant victory in gaining compensation for her. We instruct the General Secretary to link this file to the main Diesel Exposure file. The General Secretary is instructed to highlight this campaign in RMT publicity and to continue our campaign to adequately protect our members from the risk of exposure to diesel carcinogens in the workplace.
Branches and Regional Councils be advised.

I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will keep you informed of developments with this case.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of relevant members.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary