Working Hours and Travelling Time

Our Ref: HSS/2/4
Head Office Circular: NP/007/14
14th January 2014
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague,


The resolution below, from the Engineering Grades Conference, was adopted by the 2013 AGM:

‘This Engineering Grades Conference is alarmed at the amount of hours that our members are working and travelling. We, as a grades conference believe that nobody should work and travel more than 12 hours maximum, (except in the case of an emergency/overrun etc). It has become apparent that some departments operate a 14 hours door to door policy. This practice is dangerous. It not only puts the lives of our members at risk, but also those of the general public. We request an urgent inquiry into the legality of this on the railway and an immediate return to the 12 hours on/12 hours off rules.’

This was considered by the General Grades Committee who adopted the following report from the Health & Safety Sub-committee:

‘We instruct the General Secretary to take up this item in line with the 2013 AGM resolution. Reports on progress to be placed back in front of the General Grades Committee. Branches and Regional Councils to be informed.’

I have written to and now with received a response from Network Rail which will be placed in front of the GGC for their consideration. I will update you once their decision is made.

Please make the contents of this circular available to Network Rail members.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow
General Secretary