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Head Office Circular: NP/88/24

9th April 2024

To: The Secretary




Dear Colleague



Further to Circular NP/200/23, dated 17th November 29023, in respect to the violence at work problems being experienced by RMT station staff members working in South East London, a situation which culminated in an RMT member being stabbed on 20th of October by a member of the public at Charing Cross station, I have been provided with an update from the Lead Officer following work undertaken by RMT National and route level representatives.


An edited and redacted summary of the update is as follows:


  • The CSA was undertaking his security zonal checks which include up to the exit and just outside the station building in the area opposite station reception
  • CCTV shows him stepping outside to answer a man’s questions, the man does not appear to be homeless 
  • CSA turns and goes back inside the station; another man runs and hits the CSA’s shoulder and kicks him 
  • Both men leave, the CCTV is very clear of their faces
  • CSA calls the SSM, who comes down and sees the blood; they realise what has happened. CSA goes to hospital to receive jabs, and is sent home
  • BTP were quick to attend; an uplift in presence has been requested 
  • The Safety & Wellness team are arranging out Samaritan support; the Railway Chaplain has been contacted 

At its meeting on 2nd April 2024, your National Executive Committee noted adopted the following report from its Health and Safety Sub-committee: 

We note the contents of the Lead Officer’s report and update from Network Rail. 

The General Secretary is instructed to thank National RMT safety rep, AJ Yates and RMT route rep, Charles Fisher, for their work on this matter, and to seek an updated report prior to this matter being placed back before this NEC.

Branches and Regional Councils to be advised accordingly. 

I am acting in line with these instructions. Please bring this circular to the attention of all relevant members.


Yours sincerely




Michael Lynch

General Secretary