Yellow Front Ends on Trains

Our Ref: HSR/2/15
Head Office Circular: NP/092/18
23rd May 2018
To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague,

Yellow Front Ends on Trains

Further to Head Office Circular NP/188/17, 9th November 2017, this matter has been raised with the Office of Road and Rail and has been discussed with Network Rail at the National Joint Safety Council. Network Rail and Transpennine Express had invited the RMT to visit the test facility in the Czech Republic where the new fleet of trains are being tested prior to shipment to the UK. On considering this invitation the NEC have noted and adopted the following report of their Health and Safety Sub-committee:

We note the correspondence on file. The General Secretary is instructed to decline the invitation to the Prague factory, Further, inform Network Rail, ORR and all relevant parties that we are vehemently opposed to the dilution of safety standards inherent in these proposals, which we regard as importing risk and danger to track workers and others, and is entirely unnecessary.

Branches and Regional Councils be advised

I am acting in accordance with these instructions. Please make the contents of this circular available to all appropriate members.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary