NR Roles & Responsibilities Programme

Head Office Circular No: NP/054/2015

Our Ref: HSR/4/2

31st March 2015

The Secretary

All Branches

All Regional Councils


Dear Colleague





Wakefield and Healey Mills Branch submitted the following resolution to the General Grades Committee:


It has come to this Branch’s attention that Network Rail are sending members on 2 & 5 day safe work leader courses despite, to the best of this branch’s knowledge, there having been no industrial consultation on how this work practice change will affect our members who will be taking on extra responsibility or whether they will still be able to book higher grade duties as before taking on such as ES. This Branch believes that until such things are known & how members will be affected then the company should cease booking these training courses. We would therefore ask the C of E to address these matters with the company.


On considering this resolution the General Grades Committee instructed me to conduct a consultation exercise of our Network Rail Health and Safety Reps. On the conclusion of this consultation the responses of our Reps were placed back in front of the General Grades Committee who have now adopted the following recommendation from their Health and Safety Sub-committee:


We note the responses on file from our Health and Safety Representatives with grave concern. The implementation of this programme within Network Rail is threatening our members’ health and safety. We instruct the General Secretary to arrange an urgent meeting with Network Rail to present them with our concerns.


We further instruct the General Secretary to provide a further report on the implications of the Competency Matrix.


Branches and Regional Councils be advised.


Please find attached a chart of the concerns we shall be discussing with the company.


I am now acting in accordance with this instruction and organising an urgent meeting with the company.


I will keep you informed of developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary