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  • Improved conditions
  • Workplace representation
  • Health and Safety protection
  • Full range of membership benefits
  • Legal cover - workplace and criminal for you and your family
  • Credit Union
  • Full-colour monthly magazine - RMT News

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Costs of RMT membership for 2015 are as follows:


  • Adult/Full-Time: £4.64
  • Junior/Part-Time: £2.32

* Members on a basic rate of pay of less than £20,500 and those for whom the Council of Executives has agreed a discounted rate for recruitment purposes

Four Weekly

  • Adult/Full-Time: £18.56
  • Junior/Part-Time: £9.28


  • Adult/Full-Time: £20.11
  • Junior/Part-Time: £10.06
  • Concessionary: £5.55


  • Adult/Full Time: £60.33
  • Junior/Part Time: £30.17


  • Adult/Full Time: £120.66
  • Junior/Part Time: £60.33


  • Adult/Full-Time: £241.28
  • Junior/Part-Time: £120.64

Apprentice Rate

  • £5 per year

Please note that any member that earns a basic rate of £20,500.00 inclusive of allowances only pays £1.28 per week regardless of if they are in a full or part time position.

Accident Benefit will also increase arising from the higher contribution rate and for Adult/Full Time members will be weekly £45.30 with a maximum payable sum of £1177.80. For Junior/Part-time members, the payment will be £22.70 weekly with a maximum payable of £590.20.