Legal services


RMT provides a wide range of free legal services and support for its members and their families (subject to Rule for eligibility and legal assistance).

From protecting workers’ rights, improving safety standards and securing millions of pounds in compensation for injured or mistreated members every year – the RMT legal service is there when members need it most.

For more information and expert and support, contact one of our freephone helplines below.

For advice on all legal enquiries affecting members inside and outside of work contact:

RMT Freephone Helpline (England and Wales) - 0800 376 3706

For members who have non-work related legal queries.
The lines are open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9.30 am-4pm Saturday.

Or email

RMT Legal Helpline (Scotland) - 0808 068 5529

Lines are open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Saturday.


Members and their families, if arrested by the police or questioned under caution can call the criminal helpline number. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General criminal queries can also be dealt with on this number.

Criminal Helpline - 020 7604 5600 (office hours), 020 7624 8888 (out of office hours).

Criminal Helpline (Scotland) - 0800 089 1300

Members who have been injured at home, at work, on holiday* or on the road should contact RMT Freephone Helpline - 0800 376 3706 (in England & Wales) or RMT Legal Helpline - 0800 089 1300 (in Scotland). Members’ families can also access legal support on non work-related or road traffic accidents or injury on the same numbers.

*where claims can be pursued in the UK courts

For all personal injury, disease cases or conditions arising at and outside of work. Details will be taken over the phone and are sent direct to the nearest office of Thompsons or Drummond Miller in Scotland. Also covers members families for non work and road traffic accidents.

TUCH (Trade Union Call Handling Service) - 08457 125 495

Thompsons Solicitors also has a full range of booklets available providing useful summaries of the law on a variety of subjects. Click the individual links below for more information or, to order hard copies, email

A guide to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (weblink) - PDF Copy

Accidents at Work (weblink) - PDF Copy   

Age Discrimination (weblink) - PDF Copy

Agency Worker Regulations - (weblink)  PDF Copy      

Disability Discrimination (weblink) - PDF Copy 

Equal Pay (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Equality Act 2010 (weblink) - PDF Copy   

Family Friendly Rights (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Pregnancy and Maternity (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Race Discrimination (weblink) - PDF Copy   

Religion or Belief (weblink) - PDF Copy    

Sex Discrimination (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Sexual Orientation Discrimination (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Strain Injuries (weblink) - PDF Copy  

Stress at Work (weblink) - PDF Copy    

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (weblink) - PDF Copy    

Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy (weblink) - PDF Copy   

Working Time (weblink) - PDF Copy   

Thompsons Solicitors have created a range of eTraining modules, each one takes between 5 and 25 minutes to complete. Multiple choice questions follow the topic information. You can re-take each module as many times as you wish.

Any information you provide in the module will not be stored.

Thompsons Solicitors would welcome your feedback on the content of the modules and you can email this to, adding e-Training to the subject line, or you can complete the opinion form at the end of the module.

Your details will not be passed to third parties, but Thompsons Solicitors may contact you to ask your opinion on other services or modules.

Click on the links below to start the module.

Cycling and the Law
This training module explains what rights you have as a cyclist and what laws you have to observe

Safety Equipment On Bikes
This training module explains what safety equipment you are required to have on your bike and what is optional

Road Traffic Accidents
This training module will explain what to do if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

NHS Complaints Procedure
This training module explains what to do if you want to make a complaint about the NHS.

Time Off Work For Union Duties
This training module explains the rights of workplace union officials to paid time off for carrying out their union duties.

Time Off Work For Union Activities
This training module explains your rights as a union member to time off for taking part in union activities.

Right To Be Accompanied
This training module explains the right to be accompanied.

Protecting Your Privacy DPA Module 1
This training module explains the Data Protection Act 1998.

Protecting Your Privacy DPA Module 2
This training module explains the Data Protection Act 1998.

Identifying A Redundancy Situation - 1st of 4
This training module identifies a redundancy situation.

The Process Of Being Made Redundant - 2nd of 4
This training module explains the process of being made redundant.

Collective Consultation In Redundancies - 3rd of 4
This training module explains the process of collective consultation in redundancies.

Unfair Dismissal And Remedies - 4th of 4
This training module explains about unfair dismissal and the remedies available.

Stress At Work
This training module looks at both the common law and the law made by Parliament.

No Smoking Please
This training module looks at the law governing smoking at work in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Uniform: Tax Rebate Claim Form