Employment Tribunals

Should a member require legal assistance for an employment tribunal, they need to fill in an RMT L2 form and pass this with as much relevant documentation as possible to their regional organiser.

The regional organiser has the ability to assist the claim in a variety of ways, either through local negotiation to seek early settlement, advise as to how to follow grievance procedures and submission of ET1 forms to comply with strict time limits, and to help compile all the necessary documentation to establish the case.  Having authorised the L2 form the regional organiser sends all the documents to head office where the case can be assessed.

Legal representation is not automatic and is provided by the union in cases that have reasonable prospects of success.

A paper copy of the ET1 claim form comes with the booklet Making a claim to an Employment Tribunal available at Jobcentres, Citizens' Advice Bureaux and Employment Tribunal offices. Copies can be ordered free of charge by ringing DTI publications on 0870 150 2500.

A claim can also be submitted online at http://www.employmenttribunals.gov.uk/ and it will automatically be forwarded to the relevant Tribunal office.

The claim form is also available on the above website which can be completed and saved on your computer. This can be submitted via their website or by email.

  • Original ET1 forms must not be sent to RMT head office.  It is for the member to lodge these forms with the Tribunal and within the time limit.

Click here for the latest Ministry of Justice guidance on ET fees and remissions