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Dear Stakeholder

Following the publication of the consultation response paper 'Fee remissions for the courts and tribunals -consultation response', I am writing to inform you that the Government has published its public guidance for users of the new fee remission system, which will come into force on 7 October 2013.

The fee remission guidance for the new system, 'EX160A: Court and tribunals fees - do I have to pay them?' which includes the fee remission application form, is attached. It is also available online at:, and will be available in hard copy from local courts or tribunal offices.  

The 'EX160C - Fee Remission contribution calculator' is also available online at, which applicants may use to work out how much they will be expected to pay towards their court or tribunal fee.

To complement to the EX160A guidance, a fact sheet for our stakeholders is attached. This fact sheet provides practical information to our stakeholders on how fee remission applications should be made as the fee remission system changes, and an outline of the new system.

The secondary legislation necessary to implement these changes, The Courts and Tribunals Fee Remissions Order 2013, was laid before Parliament on Monday 16th September. It is available here:

The consultation and consultation response will continue to be available at:


If you have a query please contact us at:


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Rachel Vickerstaff

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