Day Rate Divers

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Circular No NP/232/15

To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils
Our Ref: LEG/51/15
24th November 2015
Dear Colleague

Day Rate Divers

 Our Scottish Lawyer has set out the status of divers working under a Day Rate Worker Agreement (DRA) as many of our members work for diving companies under these agreements. In recent months some of our diver members have been advised they will not be being offered work going forward.  I understand, where work is available, they are being replaced by other divers who work under “Salaried Contracts”.  The diving companies consider these individuals to be employees, while those working under the DRA are not.  The DRA divers are seeking legal advice on the question of their status under these agreements. I attach her advice.
I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter.

Best wishes.
Mick Cash
General Secretary