Police Charges


Legal assistance may be provided to members in respect of police charges arising out of their employment. 

Any member requiring such assistance should contact their branch secretary. Consideration for legal assistance cannot be given until a member is formally charged or receives a summons to appear in a magistrates' court.

If a member is asked to attend or taken to a police station for questioning, they have the right to see the duty solicitor. 

RMT members have the option of calling the CRIMINAL HELPLINE - 020 7604 5600 in office hours or, 020 7624 8888 out of office hours.  0800 089 1300 (SCOTLAND) - 365 days a year for legal assistance at police stations.

Members may ask for advice from RMT solicitors before agreeing to take part in identification procedures, being charged or summonsed.

RMT solicitors will not charge members for any initial advice given and welcome enquiries from members if they have any doubts as to whether they need legal representation.

Once a member has received a copy of the charge sheet or the summons, they should contact their branch secretary. The branch secretary should forward a copy of the charge sheet, brief details of the allegation and an indication of how the member intends to plead to RMT head office.

It is important to say whether the incident happened at work and whether the charge could result in the member losing their job. Branch secretaries are welcome to fax these details to the legal officer at RMT head office (fax: 020 7529 8808). A decision will then be taken as to whether legal representation will be provided by the union.