RMT Members and Criminal Law - Know Your Rights


An allegation of a criminal offence can lead to suspension and even dismissal - in addition to any criminal penalty. A criminal record may not only affect your current employment and career but also future job prospects. This is why legal advice is needed.

RMT members are encouraged to contact their Branch Secretary and complete Form L3 as soon as possible if a criminal allegation is made that relates to an incident occurring during the course of their employment.  

Furthermore we recommend members always take advice before providing statements or interviews to the police or other investigatory bodies such as BTP, RAIB, the Health and Safety Executive or the ORR.

Members should call the following numbers to arrange representation prior to interviews with the police or other investigatory bodies:

Daytime Number:
0207 604 5600 (PSP Solicitors)
0207 084 7260 (RMT Legal)

Emergency Out of Hours:
07659 118181 (PSP Solicitors)


On arrest you have the following rights:

1)     To remain silent, to have free and independent legal advice and to have someone informed of your arrest.

2)     To medical attention and to be informed how long you can be detained.

3)     To an interpreter if you have difficulties speaking or understanding English and to have your embassy or consulate informed if you are not British.

These rights also apply even if you are not arrested but are requested to provide an interview under caution.

Whether at the police station or elsewhere - informal comments can later be used in evidence- exercise your right to silence until you have taken advice.

The police may offer a caution which will avoid having to attend court but it can only be issued if you admit you are guilty of the offence. It can have a serious impact on current and future employment. Never accept a caution without legal advice. Further information