Disclaimer - Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund Deficit Recovery Letter

28th August 2014                            MRP: 23/6

         Circular No. NP/168/14

To: The Secretary
Regional Councils, All Shipping Branches

Dear Colleague,


Members of the Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund (MNRPF) will shortly be receiving a letter from the Chairman of the funds trustee board in regards to a new deficit contribution regime. The RMT has felt it necessary to write this disclaimer to Shipping Branches in respect of some of the detail which is contained within this letter which may result in this union being compromised.

The RMT received the letter via the MNRPF administration, Ensign Pensions Ltd, on 21st August 2014. It needs to be pointed out that this letter was sent to us out of courtesy, not for our views on its content.  

It was noted that Question 6, “Who is the Representative Beneficiary”, make a reference to the individual being a member of the RMT.

While it is true that the Representative Beneficiary is a member of the RMT, this is where the association ends. This reference to the RMT is both inappropriate and irrelevant for the following reasons.

The purpose of the Representative Beneficiary is to represent all members of the MNRPF. This includes non-union members and those belonging to other trade unions. By including the reference to the RMT it could be seen by some that the Representative Beneficiary is supported by the RMT, this is not the case. This role is independent from any trade union or indeed the trustees of the fund.

The RMT contacted Ensign and requested that this reference is removed. Regrettably I have to report that Ensign have stated that they are unable to remove this from the letter as this was agreed with the solicitors representing the Representative Beneficiary, Burges Salmon.

It has therefore been necessary to write this disclaimer to make it clear that the RMT are not representing the Representative Beneficiary and that if members of the fund require any clarification they should contact Burges Salmon or Ensign.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary