Hull Trains Section of the Railways Pension Scheme 2019 Actuarial Valuation Proposals

My Ref: MRP 1/8/9                                                                            


23rd April 2021


Circular Num: NP/130/2021


To: The Secretary All Branches & Regional Councils


Dear Colleagues,




I refer to my previous Circular, NP/099/21, 30th March 2021, following two avoidance of dispute meetings held on 1st and 8th April I must inform you that management have refused to withdraw their unacceptable proposal to close the Hull Train section of the Railways Pension Scheme for future service from 25th April, despite our representatives offer to continue discussions to seek a resolution to the situation.


In consideration your National Executive Committee on 22nd April 2021 noted and adopted the following report:


“That we note the report on file from the Lead Officer and the correspondence from the company. Following the Avoidance of Dispute Meeting on 8th April, the company informed us that they would be dosing the Defined Benefit Scheme on April 24th and that affected members would then join a Defined Contribution Scheme which would start on 25th April 2021.


This is not acceptable to our members.


Accordingly, the General Secretary is instructed to ballot our members on Hull Trains for strike action and action short of a strike which may take the form of an overtime ban and a ban on rest day working.


Members to be informed by text and email.


Relevant Branches, Regional Councils and Reps to be advised."


I can advise that the ballot process is now underway, and members will be advised accordingly.


I will keep you advised of any developments.


Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash

General Secretary