Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund MNRPF - Beneficiary Trustee Director Election

My Ref: MRP 23/1

13th January 2021

Circular Num: NP/016/21

To: The Secretary All Shipping Branches & Regional Councils

Dear colleagues,


I refer to my previous Circular, NP/294/20, 30th November 2020, as previously advised the RMT wrote to the Pensions Regulator asking whether in their view the three former Beneficiary Trustee Directors who have been nominated to stand for trustee election are “fit and proper” to be considered for these important positions.

In reply the Pensions Regulator outlined the problems which existed on the previous trustee board and while they did not make any one trustee culpable for the alleged dysfunctionality they stated that it was a matter for the RMT to judge whether they allowed the former trustees to stand once this union had carried out the necessary due diligence.

Having considered the comments of the Pensions Regulator the NEC Pensions Industry Wide Subcommittee interviewed all three candidates on 6th January 2021 and after careful consideration recommended to the NEC that two of the three candidates were acceptable to stand for election. However, the Pensions Subcommittee report made it will be clear that the two successful candidates should be advised that once they are appointed back onto the trustee board the RMT will fully expect them to abide by the MNRPF Trustee Code of Conduct.
I can report that on 12th January 2021 the NEC noted and adopted the report of the Pensions Subcommittee.
I will keep you updated on future developments.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary