National Pensioners Convention (NPC) Funding

My Ref: MRP 32/1                             30th April 2015

                                    Circular No: NP/079/15
To: The Secretary All Branches & Regional Councils

Dear Colleagues,

National Pensioners Convention (NPC) Funding

I refer to Circular NP/263/15, 8th December 2014, as you recall a resolution agreed at the 2014 National Retired Members Advisory Conference called on RMT Branches and individual members to join the NPC. Subsequently the Council of Executives in support of this motion instructed the General Secretary to circulate to Branches how they can affiliate to the NPC and how individual members can become friends of the NPC. Please find below the resolution:

“Conference agrees that the National Pensioners Convention founded in 1979 by Jack Jones has become a major voice for retired people in Britain. Its campaigning work on health and social care, universal benefits and state pensions is vital not only for today’s pensioners but also for all union members as well.

Conference notes however that despite operating on a modest income with a small number of dedicated staff, mainly volunteers, its income is facing a huge reduction. This is at a time where society is facing new challenge as a result of the government’s austerity program.

To assist in their continuing work this conference instructs the RMAC working with the GGC to write to Branches to actively encourage individual RMT members to support the initiative by the National Pensioners Convention to become a friend of the NPC.

A small donation of not less than £1 paid by standing order would help to sustain the NPC over the coming years – and in so doing would reinforce the connection and solidarity between today’s pensioners and the pensioners of tomorrow.

RMT Branches – either of working age or retired members – are welcome to affiliate to their Regional NPC group, whose contact details are on reverse of enclosed form, and help build the pensioner movement.

Branch Secretaries are requested to send a copy of this letter and ‘Sign-Up’ form to all of their Branch/Retired Members. Thanks for your cooperation.”

I would once again encourage Branches to affiliate to the NPC and to bring this circular and attached form to the attention of members so they are able to support the excellent work the NPC carryout on behalf of retired persons and working people.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary